Wrap Around Dresses are the Ultimate in Daring! McCalls 6024 (September 2014)

I made this dress and did not realize that it has no buttons, zippers or fasteners of any kind.  The only thing that holds this dress together is a belt tied on either side of a open housecoat type style garment.  WOW.   So, I dared to wear it out for a movie in September with a friend.  Low and behold, no wardrobe failures!  phew!  It was a really nice dress to wear and I will probably make another one next summer.  This dress has 5 billion pieces so it was a bit of a pain to construct.  The upside was that it was all straight sewing, and very simple to make.  The instructions were great and it actually did not take very long to make.  Here is the pattern:

McCalls 6024

The binding goes all the way around the whole dress, and if I were to make another dress like this, my taste in binding would be to make it much thinner.  Also, I bought a super sheer fabric so the whole dress was lined which meant double sewing.  Next time I will buy a fabric that is not sheer.

Here is my dress:

McCalls 6024

See that belt…. ya, that’s the only thing keeping this dress together. woo!

McCalls 6024

I definitely feel feminine in this dress. I’m so looking forward to summer!


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