Belly Dancing Bonanza!!!! The Citron Twist Shrug…. with a twist ;)

Well, here is an exciting way to use this pattern.  Instead of a shrug, it has become my belly dancing top.  I’m so excited!  My belly dancing teacher loves it, I love it.  It’s totally comfy!

Oh…. I found this shrug from someone who posted their make-over outfit on a facebook sewing group.  You can find this pattern at:



Pattern cover Citron Twist Shrug

This pattern is literally 3 pattern pieces.  This is soooooooooooooooo easy!  I recommend it.  Last night I cut out the pattern and sewed it up and was able to wear tonight for my belly dancing class.

Here is a pic of me at my belly dancing class:

Citron Twist Shrug

I still need to get in shape, but I must admit that the top is great!  Belly dancing is really fun!


Love to all,



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